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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Cassiodorus on good food

"It is quite appropriate for monks to cultivate gardens, to plough fields, and to rejoice in the harvest of fruits. For it says in Psalm 127: 'You will eat hard-earned bread, you are blessed and it will be well for you'. If you are looking for authors on tis subject, Garfilius Martialis has written most beautifully on gardens and also carefully described fertilizers for vegetables and their properties. By reading from his comentary, everyone with the Lord's aid can be fed and kept healthy. I have left this book to you among others. Columella and Aemilianu among others are equally praiseworthy writers on the cultivation of fields, the raising of bees doves and fish....When these things are prepard for pilgrims and for the sick they become heavenly although they appear earthly. What a wonderful thing it is to refresh the weary either with sweet fruit or nourish them with baby dove eggs or to feed them with fish or soothe them with sweet honey. Since the Lord commanded us to give 'even cold water in His name' to the poor man, how much more pleasing will it be to give the sweetest food to all the needy in return for which you can receive on the day of judgment the resultant reward multiplied. One must not neglect whatever activities can profitably aid man." - Institutions of Divine and Secular Learning  

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