"Wine is water come of age." - Father Capon

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Penne alla Vodka and Keesha Sangiovese 2006

We had some dear friends over for dinner the other night after a long day of picking apples (140 lbs!) and making rich and spicy apple butter. We had Penne alla Vodka with a Keesha Sangiovese 2006. It was a wonderful pairing. You can find the recipe here and a fine review of the Keesha here. By the way, I agree with the good folks over at Eat Well, Eat Cheap (see links), California Sangiovese has a lovely kiss of new world fruit that Italian Chiantis often lack. The Keesha drank like a 20+ dollar wine for under 10. If you can find it anywhere at that price, buy a case! 

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