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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Stonecap Riesling Columbia Valley 2006

This was an incredible steal. Last week we went for our monthly trip to Costco. As we were coasting through the wine section (one of my favorite places), I spied cases of Stonecap Riesling selling for what appeared to be a mistaken price. I had bought a couple of cases of Stonecap Syrah 05' for 58.00 a case (with a 24.00 rebate!) earlier in the year (a deal which made me want to do a jig), but the Riesling was displayed at 40.00 a case with the same 24.00 rebate. Sweating with the numbers I realized that this came to 16.00 a case or 1.33 a bottle! Nuts. I incredulously asked an employee if this was for real. It was. Turns out that Costco had bought so much that they were trying to get rid of what they had left. I obliged and absconded with the last four cases. And what a fine bottle of wine it is for 1.33; I noticed that a local store was recently selling it for close to 8.00.

All this goes to show that the economy is taking its toll on the wine industry. Many wineries have too much stock and not enough liquidity. That equals some amazing deals for bargain hunters. Keep your eyes open and look into sites that are especially focussed on providing value (see the Cinderellawine and Winetilsoldout links). Do your homework, but now is the time to put away a few special bottles for those anniversaries in the future and buy everyday wine for less than soda pop!

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